Scheme index

Scheme index allows searching for Scheme procedures, syntax and constants through types, tags, and names. Please see user guide for details.

There are no guarantees about completeness of index for any of the scheme implementations. Scheme index is an ongoing process that prioritizes popular SRFIs. Niche SRFIs and implementation specific libraries might be missing.


Scheme index provides REST API integration.

$ curl ''

{"items":[{"lib":"\"(scheme base)\"","name":"define-record-type","param_names":["constructor","pred","field"],"signature":"(syntax-rules () ((name constructor pred field ...)))","param_signatures":"((constructor (constructor-name field-name ...)) (field (field-name accessor-name) (field-name accessor-name modifier-name)))","syntax_param_signatures":"()","tags":[],"param_types":[],"return_types":[],"parameterized_by":[],"spec_values":[],"super_types":[]}],"total":1}

Please consult documentation for details.

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